Netizens of the world, welcome to Gangwon Provincial Office.
Each and every person visiting here should be duly respected as a proprietor of the Provincial Office.

Participation brings transparency to the world.
Thus, we look forward to your active participation.
And we will keep all the office doors fully open.
So, come and get everything that you need or want.

We will stay low to look up to people.
We will be all ears to tough advice.
And we will put ideas into action with an open heart.

Any input is welcome.
Even serious criticism is OK.

We will gather your precious thoughts, and by organizing them
into healthy public administration, financial transparency, and creative policy,
we will keep Gangwon Province united and strong and thus make Gangwon the foremost province.

Please join us in creating a happy Gangwon Province.

Choi Moon-soon
Governor of Gangwon Province