The provincial office assists the national administration and coordinates the city & county administrations to facilitate national and local projects in Gangwon-do where more than two cities or counties are involved, including fire protection and road maintenance/improvement.
The provincial office also handles provincial exchange and cooperation projects with foreign countries. The responsibility of each department is as follows:

Office of the Secretary to the Governor

Audit Committee

Vice Governor For Administrative Affairs

Vice Governor For Economic Affairs


  • Public opinion poll on provincial administration
  • Preparation and distribution of press release
  • Operation and maintenance of the province's homepage

Administration Office

  • Human resource planning and coordination
  • Management of administrative divisions
  • General response to disasters

Data City Steering Group

  • Oversee the water resource industry (establishment of hydro heat energy convergence cluster, etc.)
  • Cloud specialization (establish co-friendly data center integration complex)
  • Oversee the establishment of the smart farm specialized industry complex

Station Area Development Group

  • Station area development and vitalization of local areas
  • Development of New Life Cities

Office of Planning

Planning and Coordination Office

  • Development of major provincial administration programs and the implementation plans
  • Fiscal operation and coordination
  • Comprehensive planning and operation of provincial legislation
  • Establishment of a comprehensive plan on local taxation

Disaster and Safety Management Office

Economy Promotion Bureau

  • Establishment and implementation of an industrial promotion plan in the Gangwon Province
  • Establishment of a consumer price stabilization plan
  • Establishment of a comprehensive job creation plan
  • Support for small and medium enterprises
  • General administration of the informatization business

Global Investment & Trade Bureau

  • Cooperation with relevant agencies in international projects
  • Exchange and cooperation with overseas local governments
  • Coordination and planning on international trade and export support
  • Policy development to attract foreign investment

Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau

  • Planning and coordination of tourism policy
  • Development and promotion of tourist products
  • Overseas PR and marketing
  • Construction of cultural infrastructure and the operational support

Health, Welfare & Women's Affairs Bureau

  • Establishment and management of a comprehensive social welfare plan
  • Establishment and coordination of a welfare policy for senior citizens, disabled and women
  • Establishment and implementation of a comprehensive public health policy
  • Coordination of a food safety policy

Agricultural Administration Bureau

  • Establishment and implementation of a rural development plan
  • Countermeasures for FTA's agriculture and fishery industries
  • Establishment and implementation of a comprehensive agricultural product distribution plan
  • Development of a horticulture and special crop promotion policy
  • Development of a Gangwon Province's Hanwoo, or traditional Korean cow promotion plan

Forest & Environment Bureau

  • Management of the environment, water quality and forest
  • Permission, supervision and inspection of environmental pollutant emitting facilities
  • Climate change response
  • Ground water management
  • Establishment of a master plan on forest culture and leisure
  • Exploration and cultivation of new projects on energy policy

Construction & Transportation Bureau

  • Establishment of a local development plan
  • Construction and housing policy
  • Establishment of a comprehensive plan on outdoor advertisement
  • Comprehensive planning on road management policy
  • Coordination of natural disaster control

Peace Region Progress Headquarters

  • Planning and establishment of the peace region development policy
  • Establishment and implementation of peace region cultural events, food and lodging, and scenery policies

Fire & Safety Headquarters

  • Establishment and implementation of fire prevention and safety measures
  • Planning and survey on emergency responses and rescues