The 7th Provincial Council consists of 40 members, including 36 local representatives and four proportional representatives who were elected from 36 electoral districts in 18 cities/counties in Gangwon-do on May 31, 2006.
Members and executives can propose ordinances, and the term of membership is four years. Members are authorized to enact/issue/revoke ordinances, deliberate on budgets, approve settlements, audit/investigate administrative affairs, and report/question the status of administrative affairs on behalf of the inhabitants of Gangwon-do.

Chairman/Deputy Chairman

The Provincial Council elects one Chairperson and two Deputy Chairpersons with the attendance of a majority of the total members and a secret ballot majority vote of the present members. The Chairperson is the head of the Provincial Council and advances the proceedings, maintains order in a session, and supervises Council affairs. A Deputy Chairperson acts for the Chairperson if he or she is unable to attend. If the Chairperson and both Deputy Chairpersons are unable to attend, the Provincial Council will elect an acting Chairperson to serve.

Plenary Session

A plenary session is a board of Provincial Council members that has the right to vote, elect, and rule over final decisions.
All bills presented to the Provincial Council will finally be voted on during a plenary session. The Standing Committee or a Special Committee generally reviews bills prior to their submission to a plenary session. For a small Provincial Council, where there is no Standing Committee, bills are submitted directly to the plenary session or reviewed by an ad-hoc committee specially arranged prior to their submission at the plenary session.


Each committee consists of a small group of members with related expertise to enhance the effectiveness of the deliberations.
A committee deliberates on bills prior to their submission. The Standing Committee is permanently established under an ordinance, and a Special Committee is arranged with the approval of the plenary session members. A subcommittee consists of a small number of members who were assigned by each committee. Each committee has a Chairperson and a Secretary who serve two-year terms.