Strategy for Six Life Zones

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확대기본축소 프린트

Background of the Plan

  • Considering the geopolitical and geographical conditions of Gangwon-do, long-term strategies for Gangwon-do would be pointless without discussing the changes in the relationship between the two Koreas and the situations in the East Sea Rim area and Northeast Asia.
  • Gangwon 7+6 Plan is a full-scale plan to meet the changes in domestic and foreign situations, and promote the balanced development of local peculiarities around seven growth axes (divided by the traffic network and resource potentials) and six life zones.

Strategy for the Six Life Zones

  • Aimed at the independent localization of life zones based on the progress of provincial development, growth axes, local peculiarities, land utilization, and residential, natural, and living environments.
  • Introducing a network where life zones are designed to cooperate with each other in order to avoid the individualization of infrastructure.
  • Implementing an independent industrial infrastructure around a core city to realize an “Advanced Economy and Quality of Life.”
  • Promoting cohesive power to develop the growth axes.
Seven Growth Axes