Policy Background – Geopolitical Characteristics of Gangwon-do

  • The only divided province in the world.
  • A limit to development - a substantive issue that Gangwon-do has faced due to its division.
  • Changes in the international situation that might transform the East Sea into a sea of peace.
  • A great provincial desire for the unification of North and South Korea.

Policy Basis

“A decentralized and microscopic approach that actively contributes to a nation´s policies within the national framework”

  • Vertical participation of local government and horizontal participation of civic and social groups (decentralized approach).
  • Small but substantial close cooperation at the local level (microscopic approach).

Basic Principles

“Collective Participation, Feasibility, and Substantial Cooperation”

  • Benefiting the interests and co-prosperity of North and South Gangwon-do.
  • Pursuing appropriate moral obligations and the mutual material interests of inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation projects.
  • Promoting policies based on pan-provincial concurrence and consensus.