Kim Yu-jeong (1908~1937)

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Kim Yu-jeong (1908~1937)

Kim Yu-jeong
A novelist hailing from Chuncheon, he was born in 1908 at Silremaeul village, Sindongmyeon, Chuncheon-si, and died of tuberculosis at age 29 on March 29, 1937.

He graduated from Jaedong Public Elementary School in Seoul, attended Whimoon High School and, in 1930, entered Yonhee College and Bosung College. However, he dropped out shortly.

In 1932, he went down to his hometown to set up a night school named ‘Geumbyeonguisuk’, and launch a rural enlightenment campaign. While at it, in 1933, he wrote and published novels titled (translated) ‘Passerby at a mountainous village’ and ‘Bachelor and Maengkkongi’.

In 1935, his novel titled ‘Shower’ won a literary debut contest in spring organized by The Chosun Ilbo Daily. The novel ‘Bonanza’ was selected as an unawarded fine work for a literary debut contest (by The Chosun Ilbo and Choongang Ilbo) in the spring. The same year, he joined Guinhoe (nine member association). Despite his short-lived literary activities, he wrote 30-plus novels such as ‘Camellia flower’, ‘Spring’ and ‘Sunshine’, as well as ten-plus essays, showing energetic achievements.

Kim Yu-jeong´s literature is essentially characterized by comic humor. He likewise depicts reality and The life of Korean farm villagers during the 1930s, using coarse but accurate language, as well as dissimulating expression and humor. He thus creates a unique novel world in which structural absurdities of the farm villages are woven in comic humor aesthetics.

He was selected as the cultural person of the month in March 1994 by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Every March 29, a memorial service is held in memory of him.