Baekdu Daegan

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확대기본축소 프린트
Baekdu Daegan


It instantly reminds me of Baekdu Mountain. It is magnificent.

The name itself is enough to cheer the spirit. Baekdu Mountain is unique. Baekdudaegan means "a big mountain ridge" staring at Baekdu Mountain. It is the proper name for the backbone that runs from Baekdu Mountain to Cheeleeh Mountain. The concept of Baekdudaegan finds its origin in the geographical significance of the Baekdu Mountain. Baekdudaegan is the backbone and continental divide of the Korean peninsula.

It is also the source of 14 mountain regions and the beginning point of many rivers. It is the mother of all Korean mountains.

Baekdudaegan is the social, sociological, cultural, and historical foundation of the nation. It is the focal point around which Korea‘s ecological and environmental systems revolve.